We’re Dr. Langley and Dr. Gallegos and we approach health & wellness in a way that is counterculture to the current medical system. We believe the standard medical practice is broken and that ancient wisdom and modern science can - and must- coexist. We develop deep, connected relationships with patients and guide them on a journey to optimal health and wellbeing, whatever that looks like for each individual client.We are board-certified anesthesiologists but practice an integrative style of medicine, with an approach and treatment of the body globally, considering the whole human: mind, heart, soul, and body. This is why our patients THRIVE.

Endure Your Healthspan in Houston, TX

Aging is the biggest risk factor for developing chronic disease! Additionally, how quickly our bodies age is largely due to factors that we can control. When our cells and tissues age more quickly than usual — that is, our biological age is higher than our chronological age — we are less likely to live longer and more likely to develop diseases like cancer, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. At THRIVE, we believe in empowering you to boost both your lifespan (number of years lived) and your healthspan (quality of years lived). Improving the value of the precious years you have on earth and preventing unnecessary suffering from chronic disease can be achieved using a combination of ancestral wisdom, novel compounds, and optimizing your personal health status. These techniques can help improve your cellular and mitochondrial health while decreasing your biological age and boosting longevity. We can also help you slow or reverse the aging process by implementing strategies such as environmental hormesis (heat and cold therapy), photobiomodulation (light therapy), hyperbaric oxygen and hydrogen therapy, NAD+ therapy, peptide therapy, and treatments using other novel compounds. One of the main goals for longevity medicine is to optimize your health to help prevent devastating diseases that rob you of quality years as you age so that you THRIVE into your latter years.

When injured or invaded by disease, our bodies have the innate ability to heal quickly and efficiently and restore itself to health. Your body is literally programed to heal within its genetic code and has an incredible capacity to heal itself if provided with the proper nutrition, hydration, and rest. Thanks to newer technology, we can now harness this power and accelerate it in order to help the body heal better. Regenerative medicine seeks to replace tissues or organs that have been damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital issues. These techniques can offer true healing, giving them a major advantage over conventional clinical strategies that focus on simply treating symptoms. We offer regenerative medicine tools like cellular therapies, peptides, novel compounds, and medical devices that can help realize better outcomes for a wide range of illnesses or injuries. These approaches can amplify our bodies’ natural healing processes in the places it is needed most, leading to fast recovery from injury and reversal of disease. Your body can not truly THRIVE if you are sick or injured!

Regular Exercise in Houston, Texas

Many of the longest-living people on earth primarily walk, ride bikes, garden, and do other daily physical activity that adds up to what we call exercise. Regularly moving our bodies allows us to THRIVE and helps us maintain good physical fitness, mental health, and wards off chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, depression, and dementia. Physical activity can also help us avoid loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) and loss of bone mineral density (osteopenia/osteoporosis), which is crucial as we get older and is one of the keys to longevity. At a basic level, we recommend trying to get about 10,000 steps per day in order to mimic ancestral humans who were constantly on the move. Getting this much activity throughout your day can be an effective strategy for reducing your risk of illness and extending your lifespan. We also recommend incorporating some type of weight training exercises to maintain muscle and bone health. Our goal is to prioritize functional movements that keep you strong and limber enough to do the activities you want to do. We believe functional training is the best type of fitness activity to help you maintain strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility. A body that is moving freely without any limitations is a body that is truly thriving!

Healthy Eat in Houston, TX

We believe that striving for good nutrition allows us to enjoy tasty food that promotes metabolic health and lowers our risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune disease, and cancer. Healthy nutrition should not be so restrictive that we do not enjoy our food — quite the opposite! We should be able to take pleasure in eating and use meals as a time to socialize with friends and family. However, our metabolic health determines whether we develop many of our modern-day chronic diseases, and what we eat determines our metabolic health. At THRIVE, we focus on helping you follow a diet to reverse metabolic dysfunction and maintain optimal human health. We suggest an ancestrally appropriate, animal-based diet that includes low toxicity vegetables and fruits, and consists primarily of natural, nutrient-dense, whole foods. Our intent is for you to consume the ideal amounts of the essential nutrients needed for your body to maintain optimal health, which are protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, we focus on the intake of the purest water that you can source to drink as hydration is also an essential part of your nutrition. We will also use your unique health data to recommend oral or intravenous (IV) supplements specifically designed to target your needs. The goal is to use food to fuel your system for maximum energy levels, mental clarity, immunity, and health so you can truly THRIVE and enjoy life to the fullest.

We know from studying ancient cave drawings and hieroglyphics that our ancestors engaged in social activities such as hunting, playing games, making music, dancing, and creating art. Many essential human activities fall under the umbrella of play, such as art and music, exploration, socializing and human connection, intimacy, and sex. There are certain regions of the world in which people tend to live longer and experience less disease that can show us a lot about the importance of community, social interaction and play for an increased healthspan and lifespan. Carving out time to play, be creative, make love, bond with a group, and pursue happiness boosts our endorphins, improves cognitive function, and reminds us that intimacy is a sacred part of our lives. As creative social beings, we should make time each and every day for love, laughter, and playfulness as part of a healthy, thriving lifestyle. At THRIVE we encourage you to become a part of a tribe and to strengthen your social bonds with your family and friends. In our current modern-day lifestyles, we are overbooked and do not allow time for what truly matters, our relationships with our loved ones.

Thrive Empower

Stress literally kills! Protecting and training our minds to become more resilient is something we take very seriously and is a focus within every offering at THRIVE. The health of our mind’s feeds into the health of our bodies — a poor mental state can make it more difficult to take care of ourselves, worsen symptoms of existing illnesses, and negatively affect our overall wellbeing. Mental health disorders can even increase our risk of preventable physical health conditions like heart attacks and strokes! However, properly supporting our mental health and learning how to become more resilient to stress can set us on a journey to better wellbeing. The push starts and ends with our minds. We decide how far we want to go and how long we continue down the path towards our ultimate goals. The question becomes: are you mentally going all in or holding 5% back? Let’s make the decision together today to push to be legendary, be at our best, be limitless, and rise up. Stop just surviving and start thriving by focusing on optimizing your mental health! Developing a strong, consistent mental fitness practice is a must.

Healthy Sex Life in Houston, TX

A healthy sex life is crucial to a thriving, enjoyable, and healthy lifestyle. Healthy sexual activity helps increases levels of intimacy, bonding, trust, and love in your relationships, which are sacred. And sex is not just for the young — if we optimize our health, we can expect to be having sex well into our later years. In fact, taking good care of our mental and physical health can help us enjoy better sex, and vice versa. Research has shown that at an older age, the lack of sexual activity may negatively affect your overall well-being and ability to think. Furthermore, older adults that enjoyed regular healthy sexual activity were less likely to feel lonely and depressed. Studies have found that people who have more orgasms have a reduced risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease and even have a better chance of living longer! Healthy sexual activity is not only good for the body but also for the mind. Studies have demonstrated that sexual activity leads to increased satisfaction with your mental health and improved the ability to perceive, identify, and express emotions. We can help you boost your sexual health by using advanced testing to figure out what may be holding you back, helping correct any nutritional or hormonal imbalances, and recommending groundbreaking therapies that can heal and strengthen your tissues to help you perform your best. We also focus on the mental component to healthy sexual desire and function since the brain is the largest sex organ we possess. At THRIVE, we believe that a healthy sex life is a crucial component to holistic health, and you don’t have to accept mediocre sexual function. A better sex life is within reach.

Good Sleep

Sleep is the “secret sauce” to health and longevity, thus, to truly THRIVE you must optimize your sleep! Many people struggle with not only getting enough sleep, but also with achieving high-quality rest that rejuvenates the mind and body. Lack of quality sleep negatively affects lifespan, immunity, memory and brain function, sexual function, and overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, nearly every biological process in our bodies is influenced by a circadian rhythm or internal “clock,” so it is of utmost important to optimize this natural biological rhythm. Circadian rhythms are primarily controlled by sunlight, which interacts with the photoreceptors in your eyes to trigger brain pathways that control many mind and body functions. Likewise, as it gets dark, your brain reverses these processes to stimulate the restful healing activities that occur as we sleep. Reinforce your circadian rhythm by walking outside in the morning while the sun is rising and again in the late afternoon as the sun sets. Watching the sunrise is one of the easiest and most profound health practices you can implement. We also recommend using a sleep tracker to help monitor and aid in sleep optimization. Without quality sleep, the other pillars of health will be weakened. We can help you establish a solid foundation of sleep by incorporating proper sleep hygiene principles and sleep fitness tactics that you can use to build towards optimal health and wellness.

Recode Unhealthy Genes in Houston, TX

Our genes provide all of the instructions that our cells need in order to live and THRIVE! Our DNA dictates not only which physical traits we get from our parents, but also how healthy we are and how our bodies heal damage and protect against disease. Furthermore, scientists are increasingly discovering the ways in which our behaviors and environment affect how our cells use our genes, in a process called “epigenetics.” Now, we have the power to read our DNA sequences and uncover patterns in our epigenome in order to better understand how our genes are impacting our health. A variety of tests can help you discover how your personal genetic code influences everything from your metabolism and immune system to your brain health and risk of developing illnesses like cancer. We can help you uncover and interpret data from your genome, come up with precise personalized health and lifestyle recommendations specifically designed for your unique genetic makeup, and guide you in making medical decisions to optimize your health. The goal is to match your inherent genetic code and your environment with both ancestral living principles and the latest scientific innovations to unlock the code to thriving health.

Connecting With Nature in Houston, TX

Connecting to nature and going back to the wisdom of our ancestors can help us truly THRIVE! Humans evolved to live an active hunter-gatherer lifestyle, but our modern way of life encourages us to passively exist as sedentary online shoppers, video gamers, social media scrollers, and TV show binge watchers. This lifestyle is proven to weaken our physical and mental health and often prevents us from thriving. However, we can more effectively tackle our current chronic disease epidemic with the knowledge of ancestral living principles. Although our environment looks very different from that of our ancestors, our ancient genetic code still works in much the same way to determine our health or lack thereof depending on our lifestyle choices. Ancestral living principles include getting more sun exposure, strengthening our natural circadian rhythms, practicing primal movements, lifting heavy things, eating whole foods, spending time outdoors connecting with nature, grounding, hunting and foraging, developing strong social bonds, and connecting with our communities. We were never designed to spend all day in a closed-off box under artificial lights. Connecting to our ancient roots and taking time for outdoor adventures allows us to achieve better health and prevent some of the chronic health problems that our ancestors successfully avoided.

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Sarah Langley, MS, RD - Registered Dietitian

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has always had a passion for nutrition and wellness. Sarah has a Master of Science Degree in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics. She also has a B.A. Degree in Psychology. Sarah is an avid reader of all the latest nutrition research and enjoys helping people incorporate those strategies into their daily lives. She has a strong belief that food connects us and is meant to be enjoyed, not restricted. Her passion is helping people make the best possible nutrition and exercise choices for their health. She uses strategies that provide results, while also creating a healthy relationship with food. Sarah has a strong belief in the importance of nutritious food, movement, and finding your passion in life.

Out of the Office:

Sarah spends most of her time with her husband Rhet and their adorable English Bulldog, Lola. She enjoys cooking, reading, live music, and exploring the culinary scene in Houston. Sarah is an avid traveler and also a huge nature-lover. Sarah is passionate about supporting and sourcing foods from small farms and local vendors. Her perfect Saturday would include a trip to one of the many local farmer’s markets in the area.


Donna Echlin - MS, LMHC, LPC- Mental Fitness

Donna Echlin has a Master of Science degree in Psychological Counseling and has been in practice for over 30 years as a licensed psychotherapist. Using modalities including EMDR, Donna treats patients with anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, grief, relationship issues, family conflict, trauma/PTSD, pain management, peak performance, addiction and many others. Her treatment philosophy has always been to approach the whole person, considering their medical and physical wellness, including their emotional, psychological, social and spiritual well-being. Being part of the multidisciplinary team at THRIVE is her dream come true. Her passion is helping others reach their full potential, and it is a joy for Donna to be part of the incredible patient transformations and heightened sense of well-being happening at THRIVE.

Out of the Office:

Donna enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking in nature, strength training, cooking nutritious food, reading, going to the theater and traveling.

Mental Fitness in Houston, TX

Griffin Bennett - IV Nurse

Griffin Bennet is a labor and delivery nurse who wants to provide a more holistic approach to healthcare and women’s health. Griffin started working at THRIVE because the way they practice medicine aligns with her own values—offering real solutions to healthcare problems instead of the conventional, western medicine solutions she was used to. She is a future midwife and a recent graduate with a doctorate in nursing practice. She wants to provide women with natural and holistic options concerning their sexual and overall health.

Out of the Office:

In her free time, Griffin likes to read, watch trash TV, and attend concerts. You can find her spending time with her family, friends and puppies, Bellatrix and Callie. She is also an active member of the Asset Distribution Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Committee.


Dr. Phillip Gallegos, MD - Co-Founder

Dr. Gallegos is a board-certified anesthesiologist trained at The University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston. He specializes in ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and injections for pain control and other interventional pain management techniques and strategies. He has served in several leadership positions including Chief of Anesthesia and Medical Director of a Hospital and was voted by his peers as Top Doctor in Anesthesia 2018 and 2021.

Like many other healthcare workers, his success came at the cost of his own health. After years of neglecting his health, he started investing in himself and began his own health journey. As he experienced healing through functional medicine and ancestral principles, Dr. Gallegos developed a passion for sharing this knowledge with others. Along the way, he reconnected with longtime friend, and colleague Dr. Rhet Langley. Together, they developed THRIVE Performance and Regenerative Medicine to help every patient perform at their very best—and not just survive, but THRIVE!

Out of the Office:

Dr. Gallegos lives in a suburb of Houston, Texas with his wife Katie and daughter Finley. He spends his free time having fun with his family, who inspires him to be a healthier version of himself. He and Katie challenge and support each other to lead by example to teach Finley how to be healthy and fit. Dr. Gallegos loves to hunt and fish, explore nature, cook, read, listen to podcasts, and go to concerts. He also loves to travel and experience new cultures through their food, drink, music, and art. He gives back by serving as a medical missionary each year, providing care to those in need.

Founder of Thrive Medicine in Houston, TX

Dr. Rhet Langley, MD - Co-Founder

Dr. Langley is board-certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and the American Board of Pain Medicine. He specializes in ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and joint and spine interventional blocks for pain control. He spent twelve years serving as an officer in the United States Air Force, including a full tour in Afghanistan, and finished at the rank of Major.

After dealing with the stress and inflammation that came along with 100-hour-plus work weeks, he decided to make a change by reincorporating the healthy habits he always knew were “right” back into his life. He studied functional medicine techniques and a combination of diet, exercise, and mindset. Around this time, he reconnected with a life-long friend and colleague, Dr. Phillip Gallegos. They pushed each other to dive deeper into healing the body through functional and performance medicine and started THRIVE Performance and Regenerative Medicine together.

Out of the Office:

Dr. Langley lives with his beautiful wife Sarah and their lovable bulldog, Lola. He hopes that you will get to meet both soon, being part of the THRIVE FAMILY. He likes to laugh and makes others laugh. In his free time, you will find him in the Heights riding bikes with Sarah, attending a yoga class, or attempting to make sushi for the first time at home.


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